What to expect

The Osteopath will carry out an initial consultation with you which will last between 45 and 60 minutes, subsequent treatments will take between 30 and 45 minutes. 

A full medical case history and a physical examination will take place. This will involve assessing your posture and a range of certain movements to find the root cause of the problem. The Osteopath will then make a diagnosis and discuss this with you, followed by your treatment options and prognosis. After this, you will then be provided with treatment based on what has been found. Treatment will be aimed to restore function and encourage vitality. The overall aim of the treatment is to prevent the problem from recurring. Aftercare will be provided to assist rehabilitation, which may include a tailored exercise programme and advice to encourage the healing process. 

Price List



Initial consultation - £70 (45-60 minutes)

Follow up visit - £65 (30-45 minutes)


Initial consultation - £50 (45-60 minutes)

Follow up visit - £45 (30-45 minutes)


Corporate Osteopathy packages are available for businesses. For further information please contact us.